Ignore Your Inner Angst or Your Head Will Explode.

Gill Shutt, author of The Legends of Light an epic fantasy saga told in 6 poems.

I have always had a dream of being a published author. In my dreams I was going to become rich, have a shed load of books on shelves everywhere. People would love me for my writing and I would be ecstatically happy. Okay so I was very young when I started to have this daydream but some of that stayed with me.

Then, one day I received an email, they wanted to publish my book… Wooohoooo. I was grinning from ear to ear. Someone had seen my potential and I was on my way. It’s certainly encouraged me to keep on writing but am I up there with the Tolkiens and Asimovs of the world. Well obviously you know the answer to that, you’ve never heard of me, right?

But the dream lives on and my head is full of stories I want to tell, my fingers can’t keep up with my brain I write so fast. So if you love to write and have dreams, cling on to them and keep on plugging away. One day you’ll get the call, you won’t become a star over night but you’ll see your name on Amazon or your own shelf and smile.

I got much more of a thrill from my book being accepted than I did from seeing my name in print. The fact that someone saw what I saw in my book was a feeling of both euphoria and relief. When it was actually out there in the real world my confidence took a dive… what if no one bought it. What if it sat there like a huge white elephant, unloved and unwanted and the little voice in my head was proved right. That little voice is always there telling me that I’m not much cop at writing, no one else is going to be even faintly interested in my work. I block it off, shut it away in a cupboard at the back of my mind and tell it to shut up, I don’t care. Sometimes I can hear it laughing other times its grumpy… when someone I didn’t know bought my book it went very quiet for a long while. Ha, in your face voice!

I think most writers have a little voice, some are louder than others and some people hide it better but it nags away. The best way to shut it up is to write, put pen to paper, fingers to keys and let the stories out. If you don’t they can build up and your head will explode, trust me on this!

My book is published by Greyhart Press, available for all good e-readers: http://greyhartpress.com/our-fantasy-stories/the-legends-of-light/



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6 Responses to Ignore Your Inner Angst or Your Head Will Explode.

  1. Tracie Bennitt says:

    I agree completely!! Keep writing!!

  2. Thanks, Gill. Great message. Life is about recognizing our gifts and doing whatever it takes to get them unwrapped. As Walter Elliot says, “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.” Notice the quote does not say ‘won’ it says ‘one.’ At first I read it wrong. – Gayle

  3. Una Tiers says:

    Thanks Gill. Getting the first offer on my book brought me to tears. You reminded me to return to a few other stories I want to write.
    Una Tiers

  4. Awakening says:

    My personal motto applies to almost everything, including this. Patience + Persistence = Success.

    That being said, I’m still waiting for my call hehe.

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