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About 3day Editing Groups

A writer submits three chapters, up to 35 pages, of a manuscript into a group with editors for three days at no cost. The editors assess the writer's work and give their feedback in an interactive online format. There is a ten day option available where a writer participates with one editor in an interactive online format.

How do I publish my book?

Just like most things in life today, publishing a book has options. You can self-publish or find a publisher interested in publishing your manuscript. You can do everything in a digital format, you can offer print, or you can do … Continue reading

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How do I find a good book editor?

– Editing is a fine art. You want to choose someone with skill. – Relationship is important. You want someone you can relate to. – Experience with your topic and genre is crucial. – Someone who knows the current book … Continue reading

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Best price for the right editor. A program like no other.

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Writers’ Testimonials The 10 Day Book Club editing program hones a writer’s manuscript for better reading. A writer may want to share their story…

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Dating with Style

By Gayle Gross Many people question the proper form for writing dates. Do you truncate numbers when they are used within a range? Do you spell out numbers under one hundred? The rules below apply to the format and style … Continue reading

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Help with Editing

10 Day Book Club has editors standing by to help you determine if you’re ready to take the final step toward publishing. 1. Share a section (up to 300 pages) of your manuscript.  2. Receive daily feedback for ten consecutive days. … Continue reading

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Be blessed by “The Resurrection” when you help a friend.

Thanks for opening this message. I hope you will now have time to read through it. A VERY accomplished man is experiencing hard times. He’s not well. I have befriended him and have felt it is my duty to share … Continue reading

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The RIGHT place for the WRITE editor. It is why we are #1.

$148 to $248 for ten days of manuscript development work. Apply today.

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