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Editing Book Clubs:

The book club editing program hasn’t changed. It’s still the best way to focus your writing for the right audience.

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Writers’ Testimonials

The 10 Day Book Club editing program hones a writer’s manuscript for better reading. A writer may want to share their story with friends, or they may want to present their manuscript to agents and publishers. Either way, the editing book club makes it convenient and affordable to receive quality feedback to determine next steps.

The fee to submit a manuscript is $199. The cost includes three beta readers, which includes one professional editor specific to the writer’s genre.

Read about a hand full of participating editors below (alphabetical order by first name), and then click here to see what writers in the program are saying.

Barbara Alvarez has researched, drafted and published over 4200 articles on a for-hire basis with various online information venues (Bright Hub, Writer Access, Demand Media Studios). She has also done title editing and topic creation for search engine optimization fitting with grammatical…

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Dating with Style


By Gayle Gross

Many people question the proper form for writing dates. Do you truncate numbers when they are used within a range? Do you spell out numbers under one hundred? The rules below apply to the format and style of numbers as they appear in most manuscripts.

  • Truncate numbers in year ranges (e.g., 1977–99).
  • Spell out whole numbers one through one hundred.

I do not want to confuse you as I jump from date to date but the numbers show that the other kind of dating often leads to marriage, and then anniversaries tend to follow. Will anyone notice the required hyphens as the years tack on?

  • Twenty-fifth anniversary
  • Twenty-sixth anniversary
  • Twenty-seventh anniversary

It is important to point out that no hyphens are necessary in the “hundreds” place.

  • One hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary. (A marriage made in Heaven)

Speaking of hyphen-like symbols. What do you know about the en dash (–), or the em dash (—)? They have different purposes and should be used in different situations. All of these marks run flush to the text on both sides (with no space on either side). The mystery for many is not only determining when to use a hyphen, em dash or en dash but how to actually put them in the body of text using your keyboard. I don’t see an elongated-hyphen anywhere.

  • To enter an en dash on a Mac, hold the option key and press the minus key on the number keypad. How do you like those Apples? Microsoft is not in control (hint––hint).

My editor makes truncated decisions. She’s also great with dashes, which keeps my writing in the race. There are a number of editors like her in the world, which is why 10 Day Book Club was developed. My editor went through a hiring process before we ever met. We were teamed because our styles hooked up. We were linked for a 10 Day “editing” Book Club because we were a good fit. 10 Day Book Club builds long-lasting relationships. I expect anniversaries with my editor. Do you date with style?

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Help with Editing

Image10 Day Book Club has editors standing by to help you determine if you’re ready to take the final step toward publishing.

1. Share a section (up to 300 pages) of your manuscript. 

2. Receive daily feedback for ten consecutive days.

3. Know your common editing mistakes.

4. Get help with your book’s description.

Visit to learn more about the program. You can read testimonials and apply for the program. No fee collected until you are matched with your editor.

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Be blessed by “The Resurrection” when you help a friend.

twitterpicThanks for opening this message. I hope you will now have time to read through it.

A VERY accomplished man is experiencing hard times. He’s not well. I have befriended him and have felt it is my duty to share his mission.

Visit the following link and make a single book purchase (99 cents). Please share the link with others, whether you buy or not. Let’s spread the word. This is the perfect season to support this new release. Easter is right around the corner.

Can you help me sell 1000 books before the end of March? I received a message from Josh Baker, the Director of Operations at ThinAir Data and he said, “One down, 999 to go.”

The book is titled “The Resurrection: A Criminal Investigation of the Mysterious Disappearance of the Body of the Crucified Criminal Jesus of Nazareth”.

Here is an excerpt:

“In summary, Jesus broke no Roman Law. I don’t know why His body disappeared. Someone stole it but I can’t imagine who…I imagine that is why Pontius Pilate washed his hands of the whole matter.”

Before Saul could continue, Quintus interrupted, “What do you mean ‘wash his hands?’ We know nothing of that from his dispatches to Rome.”

“Can I assume you know nothing of the actual details of the trial and execution?”

“Yes. Please assume I know nothing and tell me everything you know.”

Saul looked at him quizzically, and then began.

You can learn more about the author, Dr. Rocco Leonard Martino here: but I will go into some detail if you want to continue reading now.

Dr. Rocco Leonard Martino wrote the book only HE could write. 

Adobe Photoshop PDFDr. Martino has been knighted five times. Most significant is his Papal Knighthood in the Order of St. Gregory the Great awarded by Pope John Paul II in 1991. Dr. Martino has served on various Public Service, Charitable, and Church Organizations. He served a Vice Chair of the Board of the Gregorian University Consortium Foundation from 1982-1998. He served as a member of various public service Boards, including: St. Joseph’s University from 1989-1998; Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, 1988-2010; Order of Malta, 1999-2005; Vatican Observatory, 1993-1999, 2002-2008; and was Founding Chairman and served from 1985-1989 with the MBF Foundation dedicated to applying computer technology for those with severe physical and/or mental handicaps. Dr. Martino has also served on various Corporate Boards over the past fifty years.

Dr. Martino’s book, “The Resurrection”, was written when one if his sons challenged him to write a definitive book on the Resurrection. At first Dr, Martino thought it was an oxymoron. On further reflection and research he realized there was book of this nature that would appeal to the general public. All the books he examined were scholarly research works more suited to colleges and seminaries than for the casual reader. He chose to write a novel, true to the historical facts. In order to write this historically correct fictional novel, Dr. Martino examined commentaries centered around the political machinations that surrounded the murder of Jesus.

People, ask if the main protagonist in “The Resurrection” is a real person? Dr. Martino answers:

“I studied the history carefully. Quintus, the Roman Tribune sent by Emperor Tiberius could have existed. Such a person would logically have been sent by Tiberius to discover what was happening. His existence is plausible. I am not getting any younger. I share this gift with you.”

Dr. Martino is the author of twenty-one published books, including three novels, as well as scores of papers, and numerous corporate monographs. He is listed in various biographical anthologies. He is a Rocket Scientist and invented the first Smart Phone.

Dr. Martino is a lifetime member of the Union League of Philadelphia, a member of the Overbrook Golf Club in Bryn Mawr, and of the Yacht Club of Sea Isle City. He is an avid sailor, and a Past Commodore of the Yacht Club – 1974 – a member of the Board from 1971-1990, and Chairman 1984-90.  He has served as Commodore of the Mid-Atlantic Yacht Racing Association from 1979-1981, and Secretary from 1981-1988.

Note from Gayle Gross, the author of this article:

gaylemoccha“When you are called, answer in extraordinary ways.” It is a message I hear almost daily since Rocky came back into my life at the beginning of March. I shed tears of of joy for the value he has shared through his life’s work. I am thankful to have the opportunity to assist him in getting his word out through this book. He struggles daily with his health. He receives a vaccine of attenuated TB virus each week to stimulate his immune system. My dream is to see him well enough to travel again, and sign this book in person. Through this experience I hope to restore my faith in loving kindness.

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The RIGHT place for the WRITE editor. It is why we are #1.

$148 to $248 for ten days of manuscript development work. Apply today.

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Writing Tips and Techniques


By Malobi Sinha, Author

There is no substitute for good writing. If you feel you need to hone your skills, then attend a writing course. And, as with everything else in life, practice does make perfect.

There are a few rules that good writing must always follow.

1. Firstly, make sure the grammar is correct. If it is not, then for sure the article/cover letter/resume will not see the light of day again.

2. Secondly, ask yourself who your audience is – who the article is for, or targeted towards. An article targeted towards a university lecturer, for instance, would be very different to that targeted towards a peer-group.

3. Make sure what format is required for referencing, and stick to it. Case studies in Law, for instance, have very specific requirements for these.

4. Match the style of the writing to the purpose for which it is being used. For reports, and other documents, ask yourself if a paragraph could be better explained in bullet points instead of lengthy prose.

5. Do not make your sentences too long.

6. Do not explain in lengthy, unnecessary detail if not required

7. Make sure you stick to the subject that you are writing about. It is OK to diverge from it, but only for relevant issues, and make sure you return back to the subject.

8. We all like to write about something that we are interested in. However, all the writing that you do will not be in a subject that you are knowledgeable about. So, always do your research – and quote the sources.

There are very many and varied styles of writing. You should try to find your own, unique style, which encompasses all of the above, and still gives you freedom of expression. Write as much as you can. You can start a diary, and write down your thoughts for the day, and experiment with styles and forms of writing. Read as much of others’ work as possible – this will not only improve your grammar, but also your expression and style.

About the Author


Malobi Sinha spent the early years of her childhood in the freedom and vastness of Kenya, in East Africa; then her family migrated to Australia when she was in High School. Malobi is the author of ‘Savannah’, and ‘Road Less Travelled’, appraised collections of poetry, and has had literary work (articles and poetry) published in various magazines and e-zines in Australia, UK and the USA, (view Publications). She also consults in I.T. Malobi completed a Bachelors of Engineering from Monash University and a Graduate Certificate in Accounting from Deakin University. She also paints commissioned artwork, and has previously provided artwork for Corporate enviornments. Malobi enjoys playing the violin solo and in accompaniment, as well as teaching it. She lives with her husband in Victoria, Australia. Her website can be found at:




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Celebrating Great Authors

Celebrating Great Authors

We help writers achieve their potential with virtual editing book clubs.

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