Writing aside for a walk down the isle – beach wedding bliss.

By Mary Ann Gutchigian

We’d like to welcome your wedding family to 113 East 85 Street, Long Beach Township, New Jersey. A wedding location where everyone gets to enjoy your big day and a beautiful background of the ocean.

Beach Weddings Tips

  • Keep in mind the winds can cause havoc on your hair, use a firm hold hairspray and face the wind.
  • If you plan to wear sunglasses, make sure the wedding party all having matching ones.
  • High heels on the beach are a hazard, have a fancy flip flop and then change into nice shoes leaving the beach.
  • Plan for needing a jacket just in case, and a fancy umbrella in case of a drizzle.
  • Have a plan B for storms or winds causing sand pelting issues, a bayside location is also nice without the sand blasting issues.
  • If it is windy take of advantage of some fun shots, looking like you are getting blown away as a group with the wedding party.
  • Take some sunrise pictures the next morning if able, and a sunset before returning tuxes.
  • Make and know your timeline of events during the reception so they don’t get overlooked.
  • Don’t overdo it during the reception with events or you will not have time to visit with folks and enjoy yourself.
  • Drink lots of water during the day to offset any alcohol effects,  take a deep breath and have Fun at YOUR WEDDING.

Here is a virtual tour of the house: http://youtu.be/ak5IHJYjnxs                           

Location to the beach video:  http://youtu.be/HXS1jrS6U48

More about the house and having a wedding here:

  • We have several caterers we recommend for home rehearsal dinner, or cocktail party.
  • Other homes on the street can be booked to keep families close by.
  • Enjoy a variety of space in and outside the house to relax and reflect with inspirational views of the Great Atlantic Ocean.
  • We welcome Bachelorette parties and supply games and suggestions of what to do while on the Island.
  • We understand wanting to get the best wedding planned, while having plenty of family time to visit.
  • We were married on the beach with an amazing inexpensive wedding reception that lasted for 10 hours.
  • Planning a few days at the house will extend visiting for the couple, blended family or the traveling family members.

For more info:

Beach House Retreats

The Wed and Bed




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1 Response to Writing aside for a walk down the isle – beach wedding bliss.

  1. Hi Mary Ann,
    Thanks for adding your home to our guest blog. The beach wedding is a lovely idea and your home is beautiful. The retreats you offer also sound great!

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