The Grand Master/Little Master – Only a Breath Away.

By Patricia Merker

Drift back to childhood and remember a time when someone made you feel inadequate.  It might have been another child who was cruel, or it might have been a cranky teacher.  Maybe you had a parent that had no business being a parent.  You grew up into a functioning adult in spite of these hurdles and truthfully, there’s no way to get through childhood completely unscathed.  But how might it have been different if you knew that the actions of others had absolutely nothing to do with you, no matter what the appearance?

What if  you’d had your own personal guru who loved you absolutely (even when you didn’t love yourself) and could coach you through your childhood traumas, teaching you to find depth and meaning where most wouldn’t even think to look?

What if  you’d been chosen by this guru to be a ‘little master-in-training’ (just like the protagonists in the stories) and were taught some basic, fundamental universal laws, such as ‘cause and effect,’ that had the ability to change the quality of your life, both now and forever?

What if  this loving guru could help you with your own personal challenges and fears through weekly lessons?

*Meet Grand Master*

It is no mistake that this book is in your hands, little master.  You have also been chosen to be a little master-in-training.  Let us begin our adventure . . .”

As a parent, grandparent, or guardian of a young child (5-10), what if you could give these precious children a new kind of tool; a different way to view their circumstances; the gift of a nurtured soul?  What if you could help them connect to their Source of Power within on a personal level? The heartwarming books in this series can be read as any other books are read, or with minimal adult participation, can easily become interactive by utilizing the ‘Parental Support Material’ accessible through the author’s website.

Many parents have said (when played interactively), that this series was as much for them as it was for their children; that their own participation inspired conscious parenting in its highest form.  Of course, this is no surprise; we’re all little masters-in-training and we all have access to our own personal guru.  We’ve outgrown and survived our childhood but the majority of us haven’t outgrown our issues.  We seek guidance through therapy and self-help books and seminars.  We spend years trying to un-do the wrong information that we learned as children. As adults, we wish that someone had guided and taught us that we were perfect, just the way we were; that we could change the big world by what we do in our little world; that our daily actions literally create both the positive and negative effects in our lives; that we are important, loved, and Divinely guided.  Grand Master teaches us to ‘trust the universe’ no matter what the appearance.

Do not forget that when you need me, I am only a breath away.  Stop, close your eyes, and feel the warmth of me in your heart. That is where I live. We cannot be separated.  I am always with you, even when you think I am not.”

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The Grand Master/Little Master Series Book Reviews:

The Karate Tournament (book one, series intro)

Sink or Swim – book two

Love Has Many Faces – book three




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