I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

By Adriana Vermillion

Busy? I am sure.  We all are.

After watching Spy Kids with my family, and seeing the time keeper’s desire to spend more time with his dad, I can’t help it but every time I am doing something I feel like the time keeper is there to steal the minutes, hours, days, months and even years away from me, my family and from us all, as a whole.

It’s not as dramatic as it may feel at times, however cleaning, cooking, banking, laundry, chauffeuring — the list goes on and on with things what may seem to be so unforgiving when it comes to our focus, yet there’s another critical role crying for attention in many homes: family media guardian.

What is a guardian and what does one do?

1. One that guards, watches over, or protects.

2. One who is legally responsible for the care and management of the person or property of an incompetent person or a minor.

What does a mom or dad (or both) need to take up this role?

Not much except…

  • A willingness to take time in filtering the media coming into their family home.
  • An understanding of the values and traditions they want to impart to their kids.
  • A desire to safeguard young hearts and minds from images, words and ideas threatening those values.

The responsibility  may seem a bit much at first. From TV, music and movies to video/dvd rentals, video games and the Internet, however as you get more involved the road will become more narrow and less material will require your attention. So be encouraged to take on the lead, and lead a generation or generations to come.

In addition, the availability of mobile devices and wireless Internet access away from home add to the need of you to provide kids with guidelines allowing them to learn about life in the manner and pace you set.

Fear not! When you became a parent you also inherited what it takes to be a parent, a guardian and a safeguard.

What we all need as parents is a will to grow into the role and as time goes on a will to develop the muscle of a guardian. It starts with the heart, so do your cardio on your knees.

How do you play the role of a guardian in your home?

What are some tips you can share with other guardians?

Adriana Vermillion is a speaker, writer, and woman’s ministry leader. Her mission is to encourage people in living  each day in a passionate relationship with God and with others. She writes about Family, Health and Devotions at www.AdrianaVermillion.com, and as a contributor writer at www.ChristianDevotions.us and  www.10DayBookClub.com.
Adriana is a Graduate of International Baccalaureate Program in Romania and Christian Communicators in United States. Adriana enjoys speaking around the World to Women, Parents and PCOS Carriers as an International Motivational Speaker.You can find out more about her at www.adrianavermillion.com.

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2 Responses to I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

  1. Kristi says:

    Great info, Adrianna!! I especially loved the sentence about doing our cardio on our knees!! Amen!

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