Kick IT into gear and KNOW social media.

Kick IT! 

I – Internet

T – technology

Really, it is so easy to kick internet technology in the BUTT when you take

B – baby steps, which allow you to walk with confidence when

U – “U” learn the basics and then have an opportunity to jump into a more advanced class. The

T – trainings with 10 Day Book Club are limited in the number of participants to maintain an interactive process.

T – testimonial: I was very pleased with both the introductory social networking webinar and the more intensive ones for Facebook and LinkedIn.  (I had a scheduling conflict with the Twitter class, otherwise I would have taken that as well).  Meli’s a great asset and a real delight; accessible, knowledgible, and incredibly intelligent.  Don’t lose her!” Larry Felder, Paleo Artist and Author

Are you ready to 

K – kick marketing into high gear?

I – Increase your exposure,

C – connect with new people, and

K – know how to manage your networks through

I – Internet

T – technology?

You will know MORE about the social networks and we plan to increase your

M – marketing opportunities on the Internet. You can start with an

O – overview of the top social networks (cost is $10) – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

R – Real people provide answers to your networking questions and an

E – experienced trainer digs in deeper with detailed Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter trainings.

Our trainings are included in our networking levels for our authors but you DO NOT have to be a writer or a book club participant to take advantage of these trainings at an incredible price. Learn more and sign up here:


10 Day Book Club introduces guest bloggers. We encourage people to share their love of writing. Send your submission to and include your contact information within the content. All submissions must be written by the author. This is our way of helping writers share their message.



All writing shared in our guest blog is the opinion and message of the author. 10 Day Book Club confirms authors’ permissions prior to publishing here.

About 10 Day Book Club

10 Day Book Clubs offer people a chance to tell their story and get feedback. It may be a healing journey or the path to publishing. Join us on Facebook at and let us know when you're ready to share.
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  1. Social media trainings in a relaxed environment. The comfort of your own home. Conference call in number.

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