get professional help…take your writing to the next level

10 Day Book Club is an interactive manuscript development process, which is in the format of a virtual ten day book club.


19 Responses to get professional help…take your writing to the next level

  1. Trevor S says:

    I hope I’m doing this right. I saw the invitation on a Linkedin post to post a blog link. Here it is.

  2. Thanks, Trevor! You are always welcome to guest blog with us. We encourage people to ‘write’ and we publish their work…on our website and on our blog. Both are venues for sharing. and If you would like to guest blog submissions are sent to Questions too. : ) Happy day to you!

  3. Hi Gayle,
    You have got a wonderful website with very interesting blogs.
    Please invite me to follow your blog, I would like to stay in touch.


  4. Gayle,
    Me, too. I have a blog at and my e-mail is and I would really like to “Guest Blog” here. You might want to see my Comment on Phyllis’ blog.

  5. delincolon says:

    Mine is
    Lots here – I need to come back and read more!

  6. Thanks for following me since we connected via LinkedIn. I’m interested in knowing how we can work together. Let’s talk!

  7. Hi, thanks so much for appreciating our art and following us. We imform you that finally now is available english version of the novel Coeva (kindle edition) on Amazon. If you wish you can directlty download it at site:
    Dip yourself in a brand new world
    We love you

    Best regards
    The Coevas

  8. Saw your post on LinkedIn. We’re linked in the same group, “Feel Free to Be.” The blog I maintain is here: The site contains about 50 blogs — all geared toward aspiring novelists. I’m a published novelist and writing instructor, having been in the business for over 30 years. My main website is here:
    Thanks for the opportunity to share with others!

  9. Ross Gale says:

    Thanks for the follow.

  10. CurvedLine says:

    Hi Gayle, I saw your post on Linkedin and decided to follow your blog! Cool stuff! My blog is this:

    Thanks, tc.

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