How do I publish my book?

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Just like most things in life today, publishing a book has options. You can self-publish or find a publisher interested in publishing your manuscript. You can do everything in a digital format, you can offer print, or you can do both.

Cost is likely to dictate your options. Digital publishing is going to be the least expensive, and most times it is free. You can go with print on demand, which is when a book is printed after it’s sold. Ordering single books is more costly per item when you go this way but you’re not going to end up with storing a lot of stock.

A writer has a certain amount of time to make the sale. It makes sense for a publisher or distributor to pull non-selling books from the shelf. The author of the books coming down from the shelves wants to rescue them. There’s generally a cost involved to get all of your books in your possession.

Considerations to look at:

  • What is your purpose for writing, and who is your market?
  • Do you want to spend money? Determine your capacity.
  • Spend time researching options. Do your due diligence and be educated about what a type of publishing means. Does it fit your criteria?
  • Most importantly – listen to your gut. Your heart and soul is in your book.

10 Day Book Club is a group of editors. Their purpose is to help a writer move their manuscript toward the next level of development. A writer can participate for one day with 10 Day Book Club at no cost. When a writer decides to join for three days there’s a $29 fee, which covers administrative costs. Google 10 Day Book Club for more details, or email


About 3day Editing Groups

A writer submits three chapters, up to 35 pages, of a manuscript into a group with editors for three days at no cost. The editors assess the writer's work and give their feedback in an interactive online format. There is a ten day option available where a writer participates with one editor in an interactive online format.
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