How do I find a good book editor?


– Editing is a fine art. You want to choose someone with skill.

– Relationship is important. You want someone you can relate to.

– Experience with your topic and genre is crucial.

– Someone who knows the current book market makes a difference.

– A good editor is un-biased.

Settling for one, two, or three of the above characteristics is a compromise and it’s just not worth it. Your writing is a valuable piece of you. You’ve spent a lot of time on your project and this translates into an investment.

Good editors also want to know you. It is important for them to see if the relationship will work as well. They also have an investment in time, and it won’t be taken lightly if they are truly looking after your best interest.

Gayle Gross developed 10 Day Book Club, which is a group of editors dedicated to helping a writer move their message forward. Editors choose to give of their time freely in hopes a writer will find value in their relationship.


About 3day Editing Groups

A writer submits three chapters, up to 35 pages, of a manuscript into a group with editors for three days at no cost. The editors assess the writer's work and give their feedback in an interactive online format. There is a ten day option available where a writer participates with one editor in an interactive online format.
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