Best use of lights, theme, spirit, and the most unique. Float by and WIN!

By Gayle Gross

Founder of 10 Day Book Club

It is the time of year when parades flood city streets. People get buckets out but they’re filled with sand to throw under the float’s wheels, or if they’re big enough they contain FIRE to keep the observers warm. Christmas Parade, Holiday Parade, Parade of Lights, you name it…the mission is the same…WIN and be recognized.

Taking the float scenario consider how you, as a person, can win in your category.

Best Use of Lights!

Take time to shine on your accomplishments. We often go through life rushing to the next meeting or beginning a new project and the things we have spent our time and energy on get pushed off without true recognition. EVERYTHING you do deserves your praise. Be thankful for YOU. Think about all of the things you accomplished today and smile…brightly.

Best Theme!

How you live your life determines your focus. Are you spending time doing the things you love to do…everyday? You may work at a job you don’t necessarily think fulfills your dream but it is on your path. How you present yourself is how the package appears and it does determine next steps. Do it best.

Best Spirit!

LOOKOUT and believe you are getting exactly what you’ve been expecting. It’s true. If you allow the thoughts in your head to truly escape…are they different than what you see before you? This is a tough one and it’s not something you can ever back away from. You’re encouraged to seek help. Assistance comes in many forms and will be different for everyone.  Deciding to win this award is a big step in looking WITHIN.

Most Unique!

Is there any other way? Yes. You can choose to be what other people believe you are or want you to be. That’s a no-win. If you are not YOU…you are not. Everyone has the opportunity to be unique and to reach their true potential. If you can win this award you are happy.


Consider winning all of the awards listed above. It’s possible. No one else is involved in the selection process. It’s just you.

Gayle Gross spends the majority of her time writing, painting, and hiking. She is the Founder of 10 Day Book Club, a manuscript development tool in the format of a virtual book club, which includes an editor.

About 10 Day Book Club

10 Day Book Clubs offer people a chance to tell their story and get feedback. It may be a healing journey or the path to publishing. Join us on Facebook at and let us know when you're ready to share.
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