10dbc author publishing in July – Duncan Lloyd presents “Elena”

By Duncan Lloyd

My new novel, “Elena” is coming out in July through May December Publications. It will be available as an E book or paper back on Amazon. You could say I have been writing this novel for 50 years, ever since I was a teenager in Wisconsin. I was a boy scout then and my troupe was chosen to help search for a missing teenage girl. The girl was never found but the experience was so powerful that I  wrote my first short story about it. Shortly thereafter, a man named Ed Gein was arrested for the murder of a woman in a nearby town. A search of his  house revealed that he had been collecting the body parts of women (mostly from graveyards but sometimes on the fly) to decorate his home.  His ghoulish activities were later made into a novel by Ray Bloch and a classic movie by Alfred Hitchcock: both named  “Psycho.” It was even suspected that the girl we had been searching for had been murdered by Gein, but in these days before DNA, there was no way to be certain.

My novel is about a teenager named Teddy in 1950’s Wisconsin. (Disclaimer: It is not autobiographical!) Teddy is a brilliant but troubled and lonely young man who is tormented with sexual fantasies. One night, a beautiful teenage girl comes out of his closet. Her name is Elena, and she promises to fulfill all his fantasies, if he promises not to tell his family: his father and beloved sister, Ellen, about Elena  until her time is come.  He accepts this strange offer happily, even though Elena has certain faults: She can only be seen out of the corner of his eye, her body is ice cold, and she seems to have no heartbeat!  But he begins to have doubts about his bargain when he finds out that Elena is appearing in Ellen’s dreams. Teddy fears that Elena is playing some kind of double game with himself and his family.  Shortly thereafter, Ellen’s mutilated body is found by the river behind Teddy’s house. Teddy is an amateur detective and he vows to discover the identity of Ellen’s killer and of Elena. He succeeds in both but what he
discovers is so horrible that his life, his soul and his sanity are all in imminent peril.

I hope that you all will enjoy this novel which has been so long in the making. It includes a scene in which Teddy searches for Ellen along with his boy scout troupe and even includes a brief appearance by our old friend Ed Gein. Enjoy!


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  1. Thank you, Duncan. We wish you the best of luck with your novel. You have been a wonderful friend. We have enjoyed working with you.

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