Burn baby burn! Your path to the publisher.

Get ready to join the dance. Getting your writing into the hands of a publisher is hard enough and if you choose to publish on your own writing – good luck! It is a tough market.

We offer a one-of-a-kind solution with virtual book clubs. Your manuscript is read by a professional reader while your work takes the readers’ litmus test. Readers from around the world have an opportunity to provide feedback on your writing before publishing. It is a great way to tell if you are truly touching your market.

We are excited to share your word AND send you down the burning path to publishing. A virtual book club is the hottest thing for the writer who is not afraid of the heat.

May 15 is the final day for June submissions. http://10daybookclub.com

Questions answered at bookclub@10daybookclub.com


About 3day Editing Groups

A writer submits three chapters, up to 35 pages, of a manuscript into a group with editors for three days at no cost. The editors assess the writer's work and give their feedback in an interactive online format. There is a ten day option available where a writer participates with one editor in an interactive online format.
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