Cultivate your writing – Gather seeds for planting later.

ImageBy Amaryllis Holloway -Turman


 The other day I was eating an orange. Normally, I would not have thought that would initiate any spark of inspiration. It seemed that this orange had a copious amount of seeds in each segment. I began to wonder how many trees I would have, if I took the time to plant these seeds. I could have the makings of an orchard. The thought was fleeting though, and I threw away the seeds and my future orchard. It is amazing that something so small would have so much potential.


Since my mind likes to wander, I then began to think of all small seed-like ideas, words, and phrases that I have every day. Just like the small orange seeds, they have great deal of potential.


If you are like me, after having a thought like that, you probably have said to yourself, “That was so profound, I will surely remember that the next time I am writing.”


However, when I specifically set aside time to sit down to write, my profound words escape me. I want to make an impact, but my words appear to be too trite, cliché, or boring.


At other times, I have serious writer’s block. All the distractions of the Internet and television do not help either. I convince myself that checking my favorite social media site will help stimulate inspiration. Hours later, I played games, conversed with friends, and have a sparkling, bright, clean sheet of paper.


In order to alleviate some of my writer’s block and improve lackluster prose, I have made a diligent effort to write down the words or phrases that come to me when I am involved in other activities. I bought packs of sticky notes and ink pens to place all around the house so that I can capture my thoughts quickly. Then I put these notes in the back of my journal with the care of a farmer that gathers seeds to be planted later.


By doing that, I can read my thoughts as inspiration when I decide that I want to try to write. Sometimes the phrases become the workings of a poem. Other times, the words can spark additional thoughts or images which lead to other creative works.


Just as every seed does not have to be planted today, every creative thought does not have to be made into a poem or short story immediately. We have to make sure that we are cultivating our efforts in the proper time and season. Only then we will be able to create literary works that we are proud to have in our portfolio.




It may sound like a riddle

How can I carry a tree in my hand?

These seeds are trees in infancy

In fall and winter, I find them

Carefully I place in a cool, dark drawer

Waiting for spring’s rain and sunshine

to germinate nature’s small but mighty gems

coaxing sprouts to take root

In time, the little one will grow to be mighty

Giving forth fruits that will start the cycle anew

Guest Author Bio: Amaryllis Holloway – Turman a business professional who renewed her interest in creative writing after attending a Writing workshop in 2010. Since then, she has immersed herself in the literary world, become a member of the local Poetry Circle, and participated in many poetry readings in her area. In addition to writing, she also enjoys travelling with her husband, scrapbooking, and photography. Amaryllis has published a short book of poetry that is available for purchase on Smashwords



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5 Responses to Cultivate your writing – Gather seeds for planting later.

  1. Thank you for this great blog! We look forward to seeing more of your work. You are very talented.

  2. Reblogged this on amaryllisturman and commented:
    Cultivating your writing is as easy as gathering seeds

  3. linneann says:

    “How can I carry a tree in my hand?” Superb!

  4. What a great post, and a wonderful idea of writing those inspirations down and keeping them in one place. I am all too familiar with the staring at a blank page after thinking of something seemingly profound. Thank you for the reminder that the process does not have to be immediate, cultivation is a great analogy. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Reblogged this on quirkywritingcorner and commented:
    loved the poem
    great resource idea

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