Three Ways We Assist Authors Online

ImageMy name is Janis Friesler.  I am a retired teacher who with my former 8th grade student, David Schultz, started a business called  Assisting Authors Online, Here we help authors with their online presence. Our main focus is on our Amazon Book Launch Package that includes numerous services. In this post, I will touch on three services I recently expanded,  eBooks, Facebook Author Pages, and Pinterest.

ImageI actually started my business by formatting eBooks for Smashwords.  Smashwords has a premium catalog that distributes eBooks to IPAD, Sony, Barnes and Noble, etc. through their premium catalog.  Recently Smashwords has not been distributing to Kindle, so I decided to format the books and put them on Kindle myself.  In studying many methods to do this, I found a way to format books first to the epub format that Apple. Sony, Barnes and Noble, and Google books use and then to Kindle.

This process is much more time consuming but the results are great.   They include a linked table of contents, images, page breaks, and Kindle navigation. They really look like books.  I even did a cookbook, Our Mother’s Recipes by Dorene Sager and Armin Feldman that turned out fantastic.  You can look inside the book to see what I mean: .  I put this on Kindle’s new program Kindle Direct Publishing Select and it is off to the races.  If you have an ebook, do yourself a favor and look into it.  If you don’t have an eBook, you can find me at

As most of you should know by now, Facebook has changed its format to a Timeline format with apps.  What this means is the main page has a cover image and is set up as a Timeline.  If you want more pages, they are connected to the main page through small buttons under the cover page which are linked to the pages( called apps).  I am a firm believer that every author should have an author’s page on Facebook.    There are so many things that can be done, such as a cover image of your books, an event banner, virtual tour schedule, your actual blog brought in as a page, a contest that shows up when people like your page, and your Pinterest Boards.

Your author pages can be as creative as your books.  Have a look at the pages I have redone in the new format, they have not been completed yet but you will get the idea:.

First is  Make sure you like the page so you can enter her contest. It is on the Welcome page.  She is giving away a Kindle Fire and two $50.00 Amazon gift certificates.  Our page is  “Like” our page then go to the Welcome page to sign up for a free ebook, Promote Your Book on Amazon. Finally, , Trish is an author and a dear friend.  She started making bracelets to raise money for her writing habit. I have a blog series started on our site to help you create your author page if you want to do it yourself.  We can always do your pages for you at a reasonable cost.  We optimize them to help sell your books as part of the deal.

Like Facebook, Pinterest is a fabulous site to promote books.  I have gotten more traffic from Pinterest in a much shorter time than other social media.  I have a blog up explaining how to use Pinterest for promoting books,

I invite you all to visit our site and take advantage of our free Books We Love page.  See you there.


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  1. Sorry I got your name wrong on LinkedIn. I look forward to browsing this terrific site and getting to know you and your work. I’m floundering right now with the task of promoting my first novel, published by Lucky Bat Books, while trying to revise novel #2 and compile a book of poetry.

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