Your book deserves a LONG shelf life! Let us help.

Knowledge opens the door for opportunity. You do not have to KNOW everything…just know where to find the things you’re looking for. We can help with your book marketing venture when you sign up to take a class with Sharyn Abbott. She will teach you how to:
  • Find radio interviews and sound like a pro
  • Generate joint ventures
  • Create a platform
  • Create a teleseminar series
  • Blog ranking and traffic
  • Generate membership site material
Sharyn’s credentials include a lifetime of entrepreneurial success, in addition to an extensive business consulting background. She is also a prolific writer with many popular books like Create Your Own Reality – The Ancient Wisdom, which is dedicated to help people live their life on purpose, Mixing it Up, her book that is designed to lead entrepreneurs towards success, J.O.B.S. Just Over Broke Syndrome for anyone who has ever thought about starting their own business, Making a List and Checking it Twice an inspirational guide to help singles choose a great mate and Be Your Own Boss Guide which is an in-depth look into finding the right business for the right personality and her first children’s book, The Adventures of Master Pineapple.

She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she was featured for her innovative concepts on positive communication techniques.

Sharyn assists writers in earning their way to a six-figure income.

We bring her expertise to your home on May 1, 3:00 p.m. Mountain Time Zone. Signing up is easy at Cost is $39 for one hour of quality time with Sharyn. Interaction is encouraged.

***10 Day Book Club is a virtual tool, which prepares manuscripts for publishing. The one-of-a-kind venue is simple for writers to use. Learn more at 

About 10 Day Book Club

10 Day Book Clubs offer people a chance to tell their story and get feedback. It may be a healing journey or the path to publishing. Join us on Facebook at and let us know when you're ready to share.
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