Control is THE word for publishing. Take it!

By Gayle Gross, 10 Day Book Club, LLC

It’s simple. Process and persistence keeps you in control. For your manuscript:

  • Get feedback from the reading pool.
  • Edit, edit and re-edit but do it in a timely manner within a constructive format.
  • Develop a relationship with a writing coach who is also an editor.
  • Educate yourself on publishing options.
  • Get the word out EARLY – before your final edit.

Writers determine their future when they take control! Why? There’s no one who knows your writing like you do and there’s no one who can lift you up like you can. Your potential is endless when the right tools are used to enable your gifts.

The POWER for writers is expressing themselves, first through writing and then, in presenting their writing to others.

Few people ever take the time to craft their work. There has to be an audience who truly cares. Friends and family will read your writing and say nice things. They love you. The general population has billions of book options. Why do they “want” to read your story? Because your story:

  • Has gone through the steps of development with readers. It is something a person enjoys.
  • Has received feedback from a professional coach and editor who knows the market.
  • Has been given exposure for many months leading up to publication.

I caution you on two things.

  1. Do not give your manuscript to just any friend to read. Consider their credentials, their success in business/writing, any ulterior motives they may have for your LACK of ‘moving forward.’ Seriously. One negative thought can ruin all of the work you have put in.
  2. Keep your eyes open. There are people/companies out there who just want your money. They will walk away or convince you to go down their path without truly performing in your best interest.

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5 Responses to Control is THE word for publishing. Take it!

  1. madisonjohns says:

    Agree, agree, and agree some more.

  2. Thank you for visiting this blog. We look forward to helping ALL writers to be successful. You may not consider your writing a “book” because you write to maintain your sanity (twas me). The best books come through dealing with emotion. Share your word. It’s healing. – Gayle

  3. I’m a firm believer in taking control of your own life and not leaving things to chance. Glad to see someone pointing that out to writers. Sometimes I think authors get caught up at their typewriters and computers and don’t always see the bigger picture.

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