Utilizing ALL of the Resources Available on the Internet


By R. Clint Peters

I have been an author for a little over a year and a half, and have sold some of my books (mostly to my captive audience of family and close friends).  But, one thing I have always wondered was what people actually thought about my writing.  I like what I have written, or I would not have written it. 

A couple people have told me that they like what I have written, but they didn’t understand some of it.  I write adventure stories based on my experience, which includes a lot of time on the Internet.  So, many of my heroes have experience in the Internet.

I have asked all available family members if they would review one of my novels, but the resource is very limited; only twelve in my contact list.  My solution, which is still in its infancy, was to start The Book Reviewers Club. 

I have spoken with many authors who would like to have their books reviewed, but is apparent that they are millions of authors, but only three or four book reviewers.  (Pardon my humor) 

So, The Book Reviewers Club might help solve the review problem but placing an author’s work out in front of a reviewer, and let the reviewer select from several choices.

Obviously, I provide the service in hopes that someone will be interested in my products.  It is a self-serve organization – A reviewer looks over the catalogue, picks an author to review, requests a book to read, and submits the review to The Book Reviewers Club and to the author.   

I am in a ton of discussions on LinkedIn about how to sell yourself on the Internet.  It is all in the marketing, or lack of it.  If you spend all of your money on a newspaper ad, the biggest sale might have come by using part of that money for a billboard on the side of a road.   

The question is where to put your time to sell yourself.  And the answer is really short:  EVERYWHERE. 

I have three Twitter accounts which are linked, I have a Facebook account, I am the webmaster for five websites (two will be going away soon), I have two blogs, and I recently joined (yesterday is recent) Triberr.  Is that a sufficient number of resources to utilize?  Maybe, but maybe not. 

I split my time very unevenly between writing my books (I am working on 4), posting to my blogs, and updating the websites to keep them current.  Do I have time to do everything everyday?  No.  Am I using ALL of the resources available on the Internet?  Absolutely not.

Marketing on the Internet is a lot like planting a garden with carrots.  Those seeds are really small, and they take a long time before even the first tiny green shoot comes up.  And then it still takes a long time before they are ready to harvest. 

I am not using ALL of the resources available on the Internet, but I am trying to use ALL that I KNOW ABOUT.  And the more I know, the more I can use. 

Email: r.clint.peters@hotmail.com
Alternate email: 
Blogstop: http://rclintpeters.blogstop.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/RClintPeters
The Book Reviewers Club website:  http://bookreviewersclub.webs.com
The Book Reviewers Club Twitter:  http://twitter.com/review_club


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