Fermenting takes time & your writing is proof. Get drunk, tap publishing. Let us help.


Are you interested in REAL manuscript development? We have a three month program to help you get your writing ready for publishing.

Yes – there’s a fee involved because we do pay qualified people to work with you.

  • A one-on-one marketing (social networking) coach.
  • A professional reader (also an editor) provides feedback.

Each virtual book club happens on our website and is twenty-one (21) days long. After the club you have the rest of the month to revamp your manuscript with the suggestions received during the virtual book club. We encourage you then go through another book club to continue the honing process. New readers will provide feedback.

Only our Sequel and Trilogy Levels include a professional reader. We also have a Novel Level listed a few paragraphs down, which offers another option.

  • A Sequel is $135 and is a one-month program.
  • You heard me say we also have a three-month program as well…this is the one we highly recommend because you go through three months with a professional reader so honing your manuscript is the number one priority. This is our Trilogy Level. The introductory cost is $349.

We recommend:

  • 21 day book club with a professional reader/editor
  • Rest of the month revisions
  • 21 day book club with a professional reader/editor
  • Rest of the month revisions
  • 21 day book club with a professional reader/editor
  • Final revisions

Interested in the Novel Level first?

  • In the past we have offered our virtual book club for $10 to a writer if they wanted to do their own book club marketing. After multiple months using this format we realize it is best to incorporate marketing into the package. Writers are happier with the results. The total cost for a virtual book club with marketing and NO professional reader is $39. Just remember for less than a hundred dollars more you can receive a reader/editor in your book club and THEY CAN make the difference down the road when it comes time for publishing. It is nice to have their guidance along the path.

Kinda silly not to give it a whirl. We give writers a marketing page on our website prior to the book club beginning. Writers can share the marketing page to fill their club.  Writers also receive monetary credit for future services when people join their club. $1 for every person up to 25.

So – you get 8 people to join your book club (because you count and I count) and you have received $10 in credit for future services.

Option for future services: We have trainings on social networking and marketing your book ($24 – $39). We also have a writing class coming soon.

All in all – we just want to assist people in being successful with their writing. Honestly. The heart is pure. Let us be your partner for success.

Gayle Gross

Founder of 10dbc

About 10 Day Book Club

10 Day Book Clubs offer people a chance to tell their story and get feedback. It may be a healing journey or the path to publishing. Join us on Facebook at http://10daybookclub.com and let us know when you're ready to share.
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