Keeping Creative – A Flare for Lighting is a Flair for Writing.

Submitted by Joe Massingham
The creative urge is a strange and many-headed will o’ the wisp pursued beast, Sometimes our mind will only produce doom and gloom ideas, sometimes super sunny sketches, shapes or silhouettes.

We have no control over the form in which it emerges, whether it comes bursting forth or grudgingly into the light,  like a hedghog leaving its burrow to seek food as Spring shows its first signs of arrival.

Whatever form it takes, we should never discard what it offers us. Just because we want to write Spring flower sonnets today doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to use the gloomiest ideas sometime in the future. We should keep notes of everything offers us for future use. A large envelope or folder is usually as good as anything though the more organised among us may have wonderfully neat, dated, cross-referenced and annotated files in a special folder in our filing cabinet or on our computer.

On the other hand, we mustn’t just file ideas away ‘in case we need them’. We should make it part of our routine to go back to the file regularly and see what takews our fancy on a new day. What we didn’t care for yesterday often becomes our darling tomorrow.

Linked with this is the harsher task of disciplining ourselves to write regularly. Most established writers seem to recommend a minimum numbers per day schedule.  You can write as much as you want or can but you must write at least this minimum target.

No one suggests that what you write each day will always turn out to be a brilliant piece which links in seamlessly to your existing material. If we could only achieve that how comfortable our lives might be! But the real satisfaction comes from working to knit different days’ contributions into a more or less seamless piece of work that gives the greatest satisfaction.

Strange though it may seem, when we look back we generally get the greatest kicks out of the hardest work we’ve done! So whilst we should record our most creative thoughts wh should be aware that the reward they will give us may be a long way away.

And, on reflection, we will most likely have the best memories of the creative writing we produced after the hardest labour, so – it’s back to the scribbling pad once more!


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