Screw being the damsel in distress

By Nicole MacDonald

I have a confession to make. I love Disney movies. I love the pretty girls and the hunky guys and the dramatic rescues of the heroines. I love the way the girls can sing and attract a multitude of cuddly critters or everyone breaks into a coordinated dance. I love the pretty dresses, magic wands and perfect hair. But from a young age, when I used to day dream about these Disney style drama’s, something different always occurred in those fantasies. I rescued the hero. Yep. That’s right. A petite, freckled, shortsighted and somewhat klutzy girl rescued the hero. Not the other way around.

I got a lot of enjoyment from those daydreams but it didn’t really occur to me, until almost three years ago, to do something about them. Then one day while watching a storm roll in over the Wellington Harbor, a scene occurred to me. In the midst of a thunderstorm four girls fought for their lives against a monstrous foe. Just as they thought they had the upper hand, five enormous griffons dropped from the sky, surrounding them. And that began my current obsession!

Until then I’d been an avid reader but always skirted away from writing, mainly because it scared me—where did you stop? You could write forever. It was much easier to simply enjoy the ride than create it. Now however, I am the proud author of the first two books in the BirthRight Trilogy and am currently working my ass off on the third book. The four leads in these books were originally inspired by me and my friends and I honestly thought I’d never share them with anyone. Then I got the guts up to self-publish and 27,000 e-copies of The Arrival were snatched up in the first year.

Writing has led me down a path I never believed I would ever be brave enough to take and now that the floodgates have opened, who knows when it’ll stop! But that no longer scares me. The creating of another world, of characters that haunt my dreams and now the dreams of my readers, is such an intensive and intoxicating process that I don’t believe I’ll ever stop.

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1 Response to Screw being the damsel in distress

  1. FindTripInfo says:

    I am still at the day dreaming stage but hope to graduate to actually writing down my ideas soon. My son is hounding me to start. I think you are brave and now my inspiration to get my behind on to a chair in front of my computer. Thank you for sharing your story. I will most definitely go and check out your books. Best wishes Celeste, soon an author.

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