PLAY – Orchestrate time to read. Beautiful muse-ic makes it happen.

One NOTE before the Muse-ic begins:

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I reach out
To the presence
Of you in my reality
I dance with you
Over and over
In my dreams

Just the thought
Of your skin
In proximity
To mine
The excitement
And it’s gone

Is a bitch

The mind says don’t
The heart says live
Flip a coin
Of two
Can finally
Move again


Now what?

© Melianne


Rearview Mirror

Today I felt it
In my heart
I became a distant image
In your rear view mirror

Objects are no longer
Closer than they appear
Especially when
The driver
Won’t look back
For fear

Of their own reflection

Objects are never quite
As they appear

You failed to realize
I’m not an object

© melianne



in my last moment
of solitary confinement
before I break free
from its monstrous grasp
shall I recoil now
while I have the last chance?
into my safety zone
of fictitious comfort
and synthetic warmth
safe – has anyone who loves
ever been?

the definition eludes
my searching heart
while my mind
sneers in sarcasm
at the innocence there

© Melianne


Free Will

Forty something
And I know less
Than I did
At twenty

Funny how life
Plays that trick
On you

Even better

Is God’s humor
In it all

He knows
Where we will
End up
With the free pass
He gave us
Long ago
Letting us choose
To let the beat
Of our hearts
To the extreme

And back again

Free will

© Melianne

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