By Phyllis Burton
Who invented the BLOG?   Whoever it was gave thousands, or even millions of people a reason for writing down their thoughts and their dreams, in the hope that there is someone out there, who is going to read them.
What shall I blog about?   Me perhaps – but who would be interested in me?   My writing?   Well someone might be interested in my two published books.  I suddenly feel excited, elated even.
But not for long:  now I feel positively…deflated, because I can’t think of anything in which anyone might be remotely interested.   But then I am supposed to be a writer, so it should be one of the easiest things in the world to do.   So come along…think my girl…THINK.
I know, I’ll write about the weather.   It is winter here in the U.K.…Oh no, I feel deflated again.   I hate the winter but I love being warm – not HOT though:  my favourite temperature is around 22C  (or about 72F), as anything above that is almost alien to me living as I do in England, where it rarely gets much hotter. When it does everyone says we are having a heatwave!   I heard yesterday that the temperature in parts of Australia was around 40C – help I can feel my blood boiling already.
At the other end of the scale, we in southern England (not Scotland, because it tends to be much colder there) are having a relatively mild winter.   This compares with the last 2/3 winters when we have had snow practically up to our knees, with temperatures way below zero.   I live in a bungalow and last winter the icicles were hanging down from the gutter to about three inches from the ground.   I remember looking out of my window – yes I did open the window, thus letting the cold air in – I saw a tiny bird clinging desperately to the end of an icicle and trying to drink from it!   Poor little thing:   I immediately braved the elements and poured some warm water into the bird bath and…within 5 minutes it had frozen over.
Winter 2012 has suddenly arrived.   It has come all the way over from Siberia!   It is cold, in fact it is very cold…but on the other hand, it is really quite beautiful.   Everything has that rounded feel to it, and what fun you can have following someone or something’s footprints, just to see where it takes you.
So you can now see why I dislike the winter and yes, I did say that snow was beautiful, but I really don’t like the cold weather, and I don’t like very hot weather either.   I always vote for the middle ground you see:  moderation in all things is my motto.
HELP…help:  it is blowing a gale outside…and I don’t like wind either!!!
I am waiting for SPRING when my garden will be alive with bird song, daffodils, bluebells, harebells and all the other bells I can think of and until then, I think I’ll go and hibernate!
Written by:  Phyllis Burton – Author of PAPER DREAMS, ( published by Matador on 1st December 2011) and A PASSING STORM, several short stories and three one act plays.


Email:  phyllisburt@yahoo.co.uk and WEBSITE:  www.phyllisburton.com
6th February 2012.


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3 Responses to A WEB LOG…A BLOG


    We in northern California – in fact most of the USA – have our seasons “upside down” and “inside out” this year. Here, in the foothills of the Sierras, it is almost March – Spring – and it hasn’t been truly cold yet. There has been enough snow to ski in the Sierras, at last, but even that was late, light, and shallow. And Christmas was warm enough for us to take a “nature walk” with our grandsons – without jackets!

    And Summer wasn’t much better. Generally here the Summers reach or exceed 100 F. (I don’t know what that would be in Celsius.) This year, Summer never REALLY reached into the 90s.

    For Phyllis this would all be positive. Maybe even exciting. But we’re just not used to that “moderate” weather, regardless of what the tourist information bureaus would have you think.

    I don’t really know if the weather is the only thing we should be writing about here, but Phyllis, you started it.

    • Agreed, Wayne…although Colorado is getting back to normal. Snow and cold anyone? Fly on in…snowshoe, toboggan, snow mobile.

      • Well, that seems to have been premature. This week we’ve been having temps in the low 40’s and snow just a few miles east of here – where my cousins live. (Auburn and Grass Valley California for those who are familiar with the area.)
        The ski resorts are “tickled pink” – or that may be snowburn – and have had good skiing and snowboarding. The highway patrol is a whole different thing. They are very busy keeping those without tire chains from trying to drive up the mountain

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