Read (red) Heads are a new breed. Naturally well-READ (red).

Have you ever wanted to be part of the ‘in’ group?  Are you encouraging, mysterious, legendary, youthful, loving and true? Any of these classifications work for 10 Day Book Club – literally.

Read (red) Heads:

  • Enjoy reading and have good reading comprehension
  • Are nice to others and have good character references
  • Have the ability to be expressive when writing
  • Are able to pick up on writing mistakes – misspellings & grammar

When you are a natural read head you are unique. The list below describes the basic classifications but new breeds are always welcome. For example, you may be a legendary, mysterious Read Head or a loving, youthful and true Read Head.

Read Head classification list:

Encouraging Read Heads – enjoy reading spiritual, healing, Inspirational, self-help and religious.

Mysterious Read Heads – enjoy reading fiction, mystery, science fiction and fantasy.

Legendary Read Heads – enjoy reading myth, fable and fairytale

Loving Read Heads – enjoy reading chick lit, romance, erotica and paranormal.

Youthful Read Heads – enjoy reading children’s books and young adult.

True Read Heads – enjoy reading biography, auto-biography, history, articles, poetry and non-fiction.

10 Day Book Club loves ‘Wannabe Read Heads.’ Do you want to be (wannabe) a Read Head? Check out the details here:

About 10 Day Book Club

10 Day Book Clubs offer people a chance to tell their story and get feedback. It may be a healing journey or the path to publishing. Join us on Facebook at and let us know when you're ready to share.
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1 Response to Read (red) Heads are a new breed. Naturally well-READ (red).

  1. Pete Denton says:

    I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations!

    I enjoy reading your blog and I hope you accept this award in the spirit it is given.

    Please refer back to my post for the rules. ‎Continued success.

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