A Christmas Fairy Tale…

Twas the night before writing, and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a computer mouse.

The computer was on screensaver, the graphics so bold,

A vacation for two, so the story was told.


The files were all piled, in neat little stacks,

Full of facts and figures, nestled between knick knacks.

Sitting in our jammies, hot toddies in hand,

We had just tuned in for an hour of TV land.


When up in the office we heard a great noise,

And both leapt off the couch with a great lack of poise.

Up the stairs we flew, not knowing what’s up,

Tripping over plants, books, papers and my cup.


The light in the stairwell, barely enough to see,

Wasn’t much help to save my now bruised left knee.

Whatever it was, that made such a sound,

Had us hustling up the stairs with a leap and a bound.


As we rounded the corner, slipping this way and that,

I saw with my own eyes, a little white cat.

Cute as a bug, where did it come from?

Who could dump the little thing during a wintery maelstrom?


Now Spot! Now Cricket! Now Garfield and Callie!

On Xena! On Bob! On Cartman! Don’t dally.

Be nice to this little one, a most precious sight.

A new addition to the family is special and right!


Pine needles fall from the strong winter wind

And snow flakes pile up and force branches to bend.

The animals gathered round the woodstove to stew,

While in the blink of an eye, the little cat started to mew.


Its voice was charismatic, full of strength and vigor,

And as he approached the computer, his song grew bigger.

We paused in wonder, watching the magic grow stronger,

As the little cat purred and his white tail grew longer.


Stretching out with his tail, lightly stroking the keys,

The little cat’s song changed to humming like bees.

Then words began appearing, flying onto the screen,

As the feline told a story about a gracious Ice Queen.


Her people all loved her.  Her husband adored her.

That little cat wrote words filled with truth that was pure.

The Ice Queen, it seems, ruled with passion and grace.

The little cat’s Queen was from a wonderful place.


For weeks I had tried to put words on the page.

The time that was spent was difficult to gauge.

And now in an instant, the words began to flow,

Thanks to the magical tail of one little, furry fellow.


His words told us of love, of laughter, pranks and of fun.

The words flowed swiftly now, although they’d just begun.

In a matter of moments, I felt that I knew her,

The Queen of his world wasn’t difficult to cipher.


The little cat purred louder as his words filled the page,

I felt I too was learning from his ongoing tutelage.

How to just relax for a moment and let the words go

Onto the page from your thoughts of long, long ago.


He typed and he typed and then he typed some more.

He filled the pages with words and we saw his name, Igor.

And as he completed his story that night,

His last words to us were to write, write, write!


10 Day Book Club sends Happy Holiday wishes to you and yours. May 2012 be the PURRfect year for white cats.




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12 Responses to A Christmas Fairy Tale…

  1. Gail Wingerd says:

    This is awesome! Tracie you out did yourself with this poem! I wish all of my dear friends at 10 Day Book Club a magical Holiday Season and a very Prosperous New Year in 2012!

  2. Khan says:

    Cat that inspired the poem 🙂

  3. Anna Drakje says:

    That is an absolutely wonderful poem. I’m going to have a long chat with my cat. The lttle devil hasn’t written a word.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a message. My best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Anna Drake says:

    Ah, typos are serious blips. I’m typing with a bandaid on my finger and it’s not working out very well.

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