Happy Holidays! Are you ready to spice it up? The managing editor of 10dbc says, “Don’t waste any thyme. Start writing today.”

We have new programs to enrich your senses.

1.)  Earn money for reading. Become a “Read (red) Head.”

  1. A new program for readers in 10 Day Book Clubs. Readers earn $75 per assigned virtual book club. See details on the website: http://www.10daybookclub.com/readhead/

2.)  Featured authors are appearing in virtual book clubs. Mark Anthony Tierno and Laura Vosika are currently showcasing their published books for your pleasure. Read and share your thoughts with Mark and Laura: http://www.10daybookclub.com/maldene/ and http://www.10daybookclub.com/bluebellsofscotland/ This is a great way to read through an entire book prior to purchasing for someone else. “Maldene” is perfect for those that like the style of J.K. Rowling and “Blue Bells in Scotland” is one of the best “time travel” books as quoted by book reviewers.

3.)  Package deals for holiday shopping. Support the writer in you or your family in 2012.

  1. Book Club/Publishing Package – $549
  2. Networking Training/Coaching Package – $120
  3. Basic Networking Level Package – $43.50

If you or someone you know would like to take their manuscript to the next level, the Book Club/Publishing Package is perfect. A manuscript goes through a virtual book club where a professional reader provides guidance on the next step in publishing, $50 credit for editing is applied, and eBook publishing rounds everything out. This package includes social networking and trainings on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A one-on-one social networking coach is also provided. (Cost: $549 – a discount of $416 when services are purchased separately)


To learn more about the specials visit this link:


About 10 Day Book Club

10 Day Book Clubs offer people a chance to tell their story and get feedback. It may be a healing journey or the path to publishing. Join us on Facebook at http://10daybookclub.com and let us know when you're ready to share.
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2 Responses to Happy Holidays! Are you ready to spice it up? The managing editor of 10dbc says, “Don’t waste any thyme. Start writing today.”

  1. I have been reading out many of your posts and i must say pretty clever stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your site.

  2. Eliza Laity says:

    Enjoyed looking at this, very good stuff, regards . “Success doesn’t come to you…you go to it.” by Marva Collins.

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