The Write Spice

The holiday season has arrived.  When the leaves begin changing, thoughts start turning to the anticipated delicacies to be prepared for the onslaught of friends and relatives arriving from near and far.  Then the tough decisions begin. What spices to use this year?  The same old favorites?  Or change it up with something new?

Walk down the baking aisle of your local grocers and notice the hundreds of choices available to choose from.   The selections are limitless.  The variations and combinations provide countless choices to make your meal the best ever.  A pinch of this and a dash of that and Voila!! You’ve created a masterpiece.

You go through similar motions when writing.  Play it safe or spice it up?  Try something different with the story line or take a familiar route with the characters?  Thanks to the English language, there are lots of options.

Create a snappy interaction between the characters, allowing their personalities to show by adding dialogue to the story.  Watch the conversation dry up as the characters begin mulling over past transgressions.  Preserve the mood with a flash of lust and passion.  Find a natural setting for the characters to relax and draw on their inner strengths.  Extract the hidden strengths from their strong character, overcoming the coarse words of a sour adversary.  Don’t let them mince words when someone deserves to be put in their place.  Provide an opportunity for them to ground themselves with friends and loved ones.  Cut to the chase and let them know how you really feel about them before they’re roasted by a challenger.  Mild or sweet, hot or sassy, love them with your whole heart and soul, even the nuts.

There’s a great newsletter that provides a new word a day for your vocabulary.  Add to the collection on your shelf and check it out here.

Don’t waste any thyme!! Start writing today!!

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