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Writers’ Testimonials The 10 Day Book Club editing program hones a writer’s manuscript for better reading. A…

Dating with Style

By Gayle Gross Many people question the proper form for writing dates. Do you truncate numbers when they are used within a range? Do you spell out numbers under one hundred? The rules… Continue reading

Help with Editing

10 Day Book Club has editors standing by to help you determine if you’re ready to take the final step toward publishing. 1. Share a section (up to 300 pages) of your manuscript.  2.… Continue reading

Be blessed by “The Resurrection” when you help a friend.

Thanks for opening this message. I hope you will now have time to read through it. A VERY accomplished man is experiencing hard times. He’s not well. I have befriended him and have… Continue reading

The RIGHT place for the WRITE editor. It is why we are #1.

$174 for ten days of work with an editor in our unique editing book clubs. Apply for your opportunity to work with one of our qualified editors.

Writing Tips and Techniques

By Malobi Sinha, Author There is no substitute for good writing. If you feel you need to hone your skills, then attend a writing course. And, as with everything else in life, practice… Continue reading

Celebrating Great Authors

We help writers achieve their potential with virtual editing book clubs.

10 Day’s Editing Program Helps Writers Publish!

Editors’ Credentials “Apply” for more info. Online manuscript developer 10 Day Book Club has an innovative fine-tuning process for writers.  Tracy Kauffman says, “I am so thrilled to have met such a sweet… Continue reading

The WRITE editing program.

Writers’ Testimonials The 10 Day Book Club editing program hones a writer’s manuscript for better reading. A writer may want to share their story with friends, or they may want to present their… Continue reading

Hand surgery leads to writing for Lorraine Nelson. There’s always a gift!

  By Lorraine Nelson Writing – my passion, my dream. I started writing adult fiction as a hobby almost four years ago while on medical leave for hand surgery. With the aim of… Continue reading